Grant Applications

Please read the supplied information on this page carefully prior to applying for a grant. This saves eveyone valuable time and resources to ensure the process stays simple and opportunities much deserved, available.             



For Potential Grantees...


We are pleased that you have sought our support for your organization.  The AP Fund is a tax exempt charty based in the United States and can fund the activities of U.S.-based non-profit organizations.  Generally, in order for the AP Fund to meet its tax obligation of control and discretion over grants and projects, you must meet certain criteria and provide the infomation requested below.


The following list outlines the items for you to include in your request, although we may require further information upon review of your request.


Please submit your grant request in email to:


Grant Request Checklist:


1. Provide name of your organization and your non-profit status.


2. Include a name for your project and describe it.


3. State how our funds would be used to help your project.


4. Provide the name of the project contact and the name of the person in your organization who will be directly responsible for the project.


5. State any AP Funds to be used directly for outside contractors.


6. Provide timeline for the project.


7. How will you communicate to the AP Fund about your progress of the project?

The Tree of


We Can Not Fund...


  • The acquisition of land, other property, or conservation easements

  • Capital or facilities projects

  • Individuals

  • Primarily research projects

  • Government and public agencies

  • Mulitple grants to the same organization

Contact Us

Tel: 1-209-768-8622

North America:

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The AP Fund will only award grants to organizations that are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.