• We are committed to long-term charitable gift giving to organizations that do good work, both internationally and locally, and who have established a reputation for delivering results. In the world of conservation, good news is often rare and victories and few and far between. This is why our two funds will concentrate on what's working - what we could call solutionology. This will be pursued by awarding assistance grants to organizations dedicated to providing effective solutions. 


  • We will strive to leave a legacy to our children and grandchildren so that they can pursue a life of purpose that is meaningful and rewarding.


If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone;

If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.

- African Proverb

Why OUR Funds?

The purpose of the AP Fund and the Shane & Perkins Charitable Fun  is to award financial grants to non-profit organizations that can bring about change in measurable ways. This is often a challenging goal for many non-profits that have to spend most of their time and money, at least initially, getting their programs off the ground. So we would like to help. The fund managers at AP and SP are willing to take risks on new organizations – those in the emerging stages of development – because we believe they provide opportunity for the greatest social and environmental return on investment.


We believe philanthropy is about safeguarding and honoring our world and everyone and everything living on it.  It is about learning, teaching and connecting with our global community. Through our charity giving, we will strive to give in both a responsible and objective manner – with a view towards making a lasting difference.

We are pleased that you have sought our support for your organization.  The AP Fund is a tax exempt charty based in the United States and can fund the activities of U.S.-based non-profit organizations.  Generally, in order for the AP Fund to meet its tax obligation of control and discretion over grants and projects.


With assistance from Bank of American/Merrill Lynch’s financial advisors and staff at the Sonora Area Foundation, we intend to take an active role in where the fund’s money goes and how successfully the recipients achieve results through their stated mission.


The AP and Shane-Perkins Charitable Fund seeks to award assistances grants to US based non-profit organizations with proven records of delivering measureable results.



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The AP Fund will only award grants to organizations that are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.